Friday, July 18, 2008

DNC Sees Cindy McCain's Wealth as Fair Game

Well, of course it is.

Americans scrutinize their "First Spouses" almost as close as the president. Hillary's narrow loss just might have been been directly connected to Bill's little blue dress.

But -- and here's where the Dems may come off as hypocritical -- will the McCain camp have the energy to dig up the DNC's statements when the GOP made an issue of the catsup and pickle empire of John Kerry's wife? A fortune considerably bigger than Cincy McCain's.

CNN didn't mouth off about Theresa being John's "meal ticket." Hypocrisy? Bias?

This ABC blog post is a good analysis of the McCain issue.

Of course, CNN's statement that Cindy McCain's "is not only a wife to Senator John McCain, she is also his meal ticket." Is the same sort of biased cheap shot that Michelle Obama's been fielding.

Both the GOP and the Dems and their media surrogates (CNN, Fox et. al.) somehow feel that being crass, demeaning, snide, biased and insulting is going to change anyone's mind. Au contraire! It just adds to the nausea.

Sure, Cindy McCain has a lot of money. But then, the Obama's are rich as well. And Nancy Pelosi, and ... well the picture doesn't look pretty to any of us in the middle.

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