Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Testing Google Censorship

May I post now, oh mighty Google?

Well, sort of. The WISE ONES at Google are still requiring me to enter Word Verification that looks like this:

Instead of a "captcha," I call this a CRAPtcha.

So, yes, this blog is still a hostage of the Googleplex. I'd beware of using anything that would keep any of your data on their servers. They can cut you off at any time. And never respond to emails.

Anyway, please visit us at our new, UNCENSORED and untethered location:
There Will Be Truth.Com


Stephen said...

Google needs to take responsibility for censoring these blogs by publicly apologizing and pledge to never censor content again...force them to change or else we will blog on non-Google platforms: https://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/stop-google-censorship

Lewis Perdue said...

Many thanks for that I have signed up.

BTW, Good ole Google cut off your URL rather than wrap it. The whole URL, for people wanting to visit you is:'


(have to put BOTH lines in your browser

Stephen said...

Thanks Lewis, we just need to get more people involved so we can force them to take this seriously.