Monday, August 25, 2008

Waiting for Google ... Godot

(Click image above to read the whole screed.)

Hmmm, funny that I already received one of these on July 9 when the Googlebot torpedoed this blog.

Google's doing its best to make MICROSOFT look good ... hard, but as this is proving, not impossible.

I'd certainly like to STOP chronicling this cyberpersecution and resume the blog's original topics.

Until then, read the other topics at:

CRAP-tcha for this post:

And the following for a revision:

Nuts! Didn't get that right. It looked like wbtjuuhf ... that first character must have been a "u"

So, here we go again. This one looks like nbpii

ER ... no.

Okay, finally one that is legible: xzycb.

Any wonder that I don't post here anymore?

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