Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama Versus Obama on Faith-Based Initiatives? NOT!

The Republican National Committee ought to know that this is certainly not a good way to earn people's trust. Here is what the RNC displayed on their "In The News" page today.

It was certainly an intriguing headline. But when I tried to click on the articles to read them, I found there were no hot links (that's clueless enough in its own right).

So I surfed over to The Politico, searched for the date and reporter mentioned. But what I found was far different than the RNC said it was.

Obama said he will rename the office and reorganize it. But scrap it? That's not what he said. Like any politician, one will need to see what he would actually d0 in office.

BUT -- this sort of misleading thing certainly makes the Democrats' case that the GOP is gearing up a smear campaign. Someone at the RNC needs to shape up the RNC Research Department, the source of the misleading headline.

No matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, if you mislead voters, they will not trust you or your candidate.

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