Thursday, July 3, 2008

Making Both Wings Angry - Must Be Doing Something Right

Well, the angry emails and profanely un-postable comments have started to arrive. The immoderate outrage seems about evenly divided between Dem and GOP party line loyalists. I suppose I must be doing something right if both sides are upset. The conservatives seem to think I was a liberal shill and vice-versa.

As I said in the explanation box, I will address the truth where I find it. I will do it with facts, examples, attribution and unbiased, unemotional, straightforward language. I happen to believe in the truth and will try my best to convey that.

I do realize that truth is elusive, but only facts and civility can lead you in the right direction. Distortions and emotions lead you astray. Bias in the defense of your cause leads to ruin.

I am amenable to being corrected when my facts are wrong, when I have not offered full context, or when information is brought to my attention that I have not considered.

Significantly, none of the wild and emotional comments I have received addressed any of the facts in my posts, offered more facts or proffered a rational explanation.

I do welcome comments. Be forewarned, however, that your posts must be civil. Flames, rants and polemical ventings will not be posted. If you cannot employ facts and moderate language, your comments will not be posted.

Rants and ideological flames create political ghettos populated by a mob mentality that thrives on mutual incitement. That never leads to a solution, good government or advances the common welfare.

Facts and civility advance discussion and offer a path to solutions. Rants and flames simple divide, usually by exaggerating false premises.

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